Chanel students honor grandparents

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 30, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / September 30, 2000

PAULINA – Hundreds of St. James Parish grandparents and grandchildrenrecently attended a special grandparents mass at St. Joseph Catholic Churchin Paulina. The morning mass began Grandparents Day at ChanelInterparochial School, where grandparents got a chance a chance to see what their grandkids were learning at school.

After refreshments, the grandparents had a chance to visit the classrooms and see what projects the kids had done during the week. The school tookpictures of the grandchildren with their grandparents and after, the Chanel Dance team performed for their entertainment.

The school was alive with excitement as children rushed about showing with pride the work they had done in preparation for the visit. Second-gradeteacher Cathy Dufresne said her students had been excited all week, working on their projects for their grandparents.

“The best part is seeing them work and the smiles they bring to their grandparents faces,” said Dufresne. Randi Amato’s grandmothers, CarolAmato and Katherine Ordoyne, were glad to support such an event.

“It gives them courage to see us (who are) former students and it gives us pride to see our grandkids,” said Amato.

The Rev. Frank Uter spoke of St. Michael as the link to the early churchduring the morning mass. It was an important thing that the GrandparentsDay happened to fall on the feast of St. Michael. He stated that for theyounger generations, grandparents are that same link to the past.

“They tell the story of past Christians and tell the story of their families,” said Uter.

As Chanel’s Grandparents Day filled the school with cheerful smiles and excited voices, that link was strengthened as grandparents and grandchildren bonded over their education, past and present.

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