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Published 12:00 am Monday, September 25, 2000

LEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / September 25, 2000

Homework can be tough, but with “Homework Hotline” on Cox Cable Channel 8 in St. Charles Parish, the answers are as close as your television.The increasingly-popular program, produced by St. Charles Parish Schoolswith the assistance of TV production classes at Hahnville and Destrehan high schools, launched its third season Sept. 19.On premiere night Jessica Lemoine of Hahnville High was the hostess for the program providing her personal perkiness and smoothly moving the 90- minute program through a wealth of features and information. In the controlroom student director Rochelle Cooper of Hahnville High coordinated the cameras, lighting and sound.

“Homework Hotline” aims mostly at a grades 4-8 audience, providing an extra resource for understanding mathematics “because that’s the easiest to explain in a call-in format,” according to Regina Benoit.

Oh, didn’t we say it’s a live, call-in show? This added dimension allows the audience instant contact with the program, calling in problems and having the answers demonstrated on the show.

“Homework Hotline,” according to Benoit, stemmed from the system-based teams chaired by Director of Special Programs Pat Augillard, working with Executive Director of Administration/Quality Manager Rusty Walker and then-Public Information Director Leo Babin. “It was handed to me when Icame in,” Benoit continued.

It began with basic classroom instruction on selected problems but has grown every year and developed to draw a larger, more interested audience.

“Every year we’re getting better and more professional,” Benoit said.

The evidence showed on opening night. While Jessica Lemoine practiced herscript, the calls to 785-7239 began pouring in.

At first it was a Norco student who called nine consecutive times, but by the time the show was over nearly 50 different callers had come in.

On the phones were Benoit and Destrehan High math teacher Jenny Lind.

They wrote the problems down on cards and Lind quickly told the problem- solvers how to demonstrate the answer.

Minutes later, they were on-camera, doing just that.

This night’s problem-solvers included Paula Rodriguez, Dejalyn Mitchell and Beau St. Pierre, all from Destrehan High. On the two cameras were AmandaBraud and Candice Denoux, both from Destrehan.

One second you saw a slightly-nervous girl. In the next second Jessica was onthe mark, gazing serenely into the camera and rolling smoothly through her script. In a few moments she introduced the problem-solvers and the showwas rolling.

Added to this year’s mix are pre-recorded Concept Sessions, where Lind explained certain math concepts. A LEAP problem of the week was alsopresented, and its solution came up later in the show.

A pre-recorded interview with Destrehan veterinarian Dr. Jack Moreaudemonstrated “When Will I Ever Use This?” Also, Lind also presented a problem-of-the-week for high school students.

As exam time approaches special high-school test reviews are planned for algebra I, geometry and algebra II classes, as well as LEAP previews throughout the school term.

Finally, the show wound up, Jessica beamed her chirpy, “Good night and good math!” and the show was over – for this week.

“This is a job, for which they get paid, and they have to be responsible,” Benoit said. “But we also encourage them to have fun and learn from it.”

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