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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 20, 2000

GEOFFREY MICHEL / L’Observateur / September 20, 2000

These are some of my recent thoughts at the time of this article:

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you some manners?” This is the question Bobby Knight asked to a young man who said, “What’s up, Knight?” Actually, Bobby Knight used an expletive to get his point across. He also got fired for grabbing the youngman’s arm. Bobby Knight supporters were sending the young man death threats.Knight didn’t get fired just for that, but he had a long history of abusive behavior.

He was even caught on tape for grabbing one of his players by the neck. BobbyKnight also said he would like to coach again. Whoever hires him should be drugtested.

Edwin Edwards’ story is really just about greed. He had plenty enough money. Hewas the governor of Louisiana three times, but still he wanted more. Now peopleare taking down plaques once honoring the former governor. Edwards had the lifesome dream about, but he still wanted more.

Different year, same story. The Saints once again couldn’t get it done. Jeff Blakethrew some bad closing passes and the Saints once again lost. When is Mr. Bensongoing to move the team out? You can learn a lot from each one of these stories. In Bobby Knight’s case, Ilearned the importance of self-control. Edwin Edwards’ story shows that the loveof money truly is the root of all evil. And, in the Saints case, I guess some thingsnever change.

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