Business soars as patrons slideERIK SANZENBACH / L’Observateur / September 20, 2000LAPLACE – So you’ve decided to throw a party and you want to make the experience unique to your friends and guests. What can you do?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 20, 2000

How about getting a spacewalk or a big blow-up slide with a pool of water or a pit of balls to slide into?

That’s what the people at AAA Entertainment hope you will do. Owners and operators Bobby Van Camp and Donna Oubre said their slides and spacewalks are not just for kids anymore.

“Adults like the slides just as much as the kids do,” said Oubre.

In fact, AAA Entertainment is there to take care of all party needs and accessories from gifts, decorations, balloons, to daiquiri machines and big fans for those outdoor parties in the summer heat.

“We handle everything from small home parties to big commercial affairs,” said Oubre.

AAA Entertainment has only been in existence for three weeks, but Oubre said business has been very good. That is surprising news considering the fact that the party entertainment business if very competitive, especially in the LaPlace area. Oubre said AAA Entertainment is competing with three other local companies that supply parties with space walks and slides.

For Halloween the company plans to throw a big party in conjunction with Cajun Pride Entertainment. All the rides, slides and other equipment will be set up for the kids to play on.

So if you want something a little bit different for your party, visit AAA Entertainment at 212 Woodland Drive, LaPlace, or call them at 652-7090.

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