Defense, rushers key Lutcher win

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 17, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / September 17, 2000

LUTCHER – The Lutcher High School Bulldogs plowed through Capitol, 34- 18, Friday night.

The Bulldogs worked the Lions from the beginning. In their opponent’s firstdrive, Lutcher free safety James Williams made an interception near the 40-yard line and brought it back down the field for the touchdown. Theextra point failed, but the Bulldogs sat at 6-0 in the first minute.

After another failed drive by the Lions, William Adams and Tyrone Martin pushed the line of scrimmage closer and closer to the goal line. Martintook the ball the last five yards for the touchdown, while Adams scored on the two-point conversion. Quarterback Risley St. Germain commanded thedrive that set the score at 14-0 with 7:08 left in the first quarter.

The Lions looked to have had enough when on the third down of their next drive, quarterback Sedgwyn Thigpen took off from his 35-yard line. AgainWilliams stepped in. After 61 yards, Williams came from behind andstripped the ball and recovered it on Lutcher’s 24-yard line.

The Lions finally managed to score on their next drive. Running backDarren Jarvis and Thigpen rushed the ball down field, with Thigpen sneaking through the middle for the touchdown. An attempt at a two-pointconversion from a faked extra-point failed as the Bulldogs stopped the play short of the goal line.

Again Adams and Martin teamed up and pushed down field from their 20- yard line. The yards flowed under them as they worked down to theiropponent’s 22-yard line. Martin took the last yards at top speed, knockingthrough one last blocker to cross the goal line. The extra point kick by T.J.Bourgeois was good and the score moved up to 21-6.

Midway through the second quarter, both teams fumbled the ball, Capitol first, then Lutcher directly after. The Lions picked up the ball and movedit down field, again using their quarterback to finish the job with a sneak over the goal line. With 4:01 left in the first half, the Lions added only sixpoints to the goal, with a failed two-point conversion.

With only 53 seconds left in the half, the Bulldogs carefully moved down field. On third down and six, St. Germain passed to Vernon Lee who madethe touchdown. Bourgeois landed the extra point and the half ended 28-12,Lutcher.

Capital took control in the first moments of the second half. Lionslinebacker Terrell Carter recovered a fumble made by Martin. They heldonto the ball firmly for five minutes of game time, but were unable to score with the drive.

The Lions defense continued to put on the pressure and gave Lutcher no room to move. For another five minutes, Capitol maintained control of theball, but Lutcher finally wrestled it away by forcing the Lions into a bad punt from inside their end zone. Lutcher began on their opponent’s 18-yardline and put it in two plays. Again it was Adams and Martin, with Martinrocketing through two waves of blockers to rush the last 12 yards.

Bourgeois again delivered with the kick and Lutcher continued to lead 34- 12.

In the last two minutes, Thigpen threw a Hail Mary for a 69-yard touchdown to Jarvis. Jarvis went for a two-point conversion dive over thedefense, but was stopped in mid-air and thrown back to his own side.

Lutcher ran the last minute out of the clock and walked off the field winning 34-18.

Lutcher rushed 35 times for 192 yards and passed for 74 yards, totaling 266 yards for the offense.

Capitol made only 149 yards, 109 passing and 40 by rushing.

Adams and Martin dealt the most damage on Capitol, handling all the rushing save for three plays.

Lutcher hosts Walker next Friday.

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