Insurance InsightMIKE WILLIAMS / L’Observateur / September 13, 2000Auto insurance premiums have decreased in many states in the last two to three years. while your own premiums may or may not reflect this, dependingon your driving record, type of vehicle and type of coverage carried, there are a number of reasons for this overall trend.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Safer cars, six consecutive years of decline in the number of auto thefts, crackdown on drunken driving, stronger seat-belt law enforcement and competition among insurers are some of the factors holding down the price of auto insurance.

Note the following, and you may be able to cut your auto insurance costs further:

Higher deductibles can lower your premiums, as will selecting only the coverage you feel you need.

Accident-free: Customers who have had no accidents for a period of time may be eligible for reduced premiums.

Discount for other insurance lines: Premiums may be reduced if you insure home, life, or health with the same company that covers your car.

Multiple car. Premiums may be reduced if there are two or more privatepassenger cars in the household insured by the same company.

Airbags/passive restraint. Medical payments or personal injury protectionpremiums may be discounted if the auto is equipped with a factory-installed air bag or other passive restraint system such as automatic safety belts.

Anti-theft devices. Some companies offer discounts when certain anti-theft devices are installed or built into a vehicle.

Good student. Full-time students maintaining at least a “B” average qualifyfor reduced premiums with many companies.

Defensive driving course. Premium discounts are sometimes offered forcompletion of specified driver improvement courses.

The above are some of the more common discounts offered by auto insurers. For more details contact your insurance company or agent. Aboveall, be alert and drive safely.

MIKE WILLIAMS, who writes this column every Wednesday for L’Observateur, is a local agent with State Farm Insurance.

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