Common sense needed for guns

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Last weekends shooting death of a young boy in LaPlace was a tragedy by all accounts. It never should have happened and was completely avoidable, forthe gun had no business being on the scene. Our constitution protects the rights of citizens to responsibly own and use firearms. Rules and regulations do exist to protect and assist those peoplewho use guns in a responsible manner, such as police, as well as citizens who choose not to own firearms. However, automobiles are more heavily regulated than firearms, as every driver needs not only a license, but also a driving course, a vehicle inspection sticker, a license plate and minimum insurance. Drivers are also regulated asto behavior on the road, with speed limits and driving-while-intoxicated laws, and traffic flow controls such as red lights and stop signs. A gun owner requires a license and some owners complain of that much regulation. Firearms are an asset, with proper use by properly-trained owners. Commonsense, however, is vital for proper gun owners.