Drivers beware of school buses and children

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 22, 2000

School is back in session across the River Parishes and its appropriate at this time to remind motorists to be mindful of school zones, slow-moving school buses and children dashing to and from buses. Its really easy for a young child, trying not to miss the bus, to suddenly dash out into the street into traffic, seemingly out of nowhere. At thistime of year, especially, deputies are patrolling subdivisions and courts are coming down hard on those who speed in subdivisions. However, we can do our part simply by exercising common sense to avoid a tragedy. When driving in a subdivision, especially in one where vehiclesare parked on the shoulders, limiting visibility, drive at or below the posted speed limit and keep a watchful eye. Likewise, school zones are placed for a good reason, to protect busloads of children arriving at or departing from schools. Deputies are likewiseenforcing the law rigorously, as well they should. We can respect theirhard work and not cause problems. Drive at or below the posted schoolzone speed and protect these young lives. The childs life you save may be your own childs. Lets all be careful outthere, and protect our future. —LObservateur