Lutcher police change locations

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 19, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / August 19, 2000

LUTCHER – The corner of Main Street and Central Street in Lutcher in not necessarily a high crime area, but one still needs to roll up the windows and lock the doors. “There are some quick fingers around,” explainedAssistant Police Chief Kerry Melancon.

When the Lutcher Police Department got the chance to relocate to the former Poche Medical Clinic on that corner, they jumped on it. RobertSnyder, previously employed by the police department, now works as an attorney on that corner. With half of his building vacant he got the wheelsmoving and setup a great deal between the police department and the landlord, LaPlace attorney Fred DeFrancesch.

Police Chief Denny Vicknair gets the use of the building for free, paying only for the utilities for as long as he wants it, said Vicknair.

“DeFrancesch was ready to help the town of Lutcher,” said Snyder.

The department had been located in the Town Hall, but “the office was outdated from day one,” said Vicknair. With only one room, about 12X15,there was no room to talk to people, he added. The new building has morespace than the could need.

By mid September the corner should become a regular hangout for the Lutcher officers. The effect of the police presence is yet to be determinedbut should greatly help the area. “It’s not a high crime area, but we shouldserve as a deterrence,” said Vicknair. Every corner down Main Street is ameeting place for individuals living in the area. The areas considered tohave a high crime rate will be reached two to three minutes faster due to the new location, said Vicknair. There are a few businesses in the area,some only a few months old. With a visual presence of the officershopefully the businesses in the area will continue to expand and grow, said Snyder.

There will be six officers and four units at the new office. The telephonesystem is still connected through the town hall reception desk since most often the officers are patrolling. For any emergencies, the Lutcher Policeshould still be contacted through 911.

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