Night Out good but it’s needed night after night

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 2, 2000

L’Observateur / August 2, 2000

The Night Out Against Crime is always a good excuse for a party. Peoplegather from up and down the block to visit, eat, listen to music and perhaps have a visit from the sheriff, who asks them to be good neighbors to one another.

Then the night is over, and people isolate themselves behind their closed doors, barred windows, fences, security lights and alarms. Usually, inevery neighborhood, there may be one or two who will be vigilant for instances of burglary or vandalism. More often than not, however, mostpeople just want to avoid trouble. Most people feel that to report whatthey see may mean it’ll happen to them the next time.

While that is possible, the likelihood of it happening to them the next time is so much more if they do NOT report it and allow the burglars and vandals free rein in the neighborhood. What is needed is to stop theiractivities and put them behind bars.

Many of these activities are done by bored and restless juveniles, but others are committed by drug users desperate for money to feed their illicit habits. Juveniles who commit crimes need to get the message earlyand hopefully stop it. Drug users need to be taken off the street andcleaned up.

Last night was a Night Out Against Crime. Every night can be one as well,if we all get involved.


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