Koch donates pipe to St. James ParishL’Observateur / August 2, 2000Koch Petroleum Group, LP – St. James instituted more stringent internal environmental policieswhich support and are in alignment with their local and corporate commitment to customers and communities. These enhanced standards further protect product quality, safety and theenvironment. Koch donated 725 feet of new 30 inches diameter steel pipe to St. James Parishfrom their local inventory. Eighteen 40-foot lengths of pipe did not meet Koch’s new stricterstandards, yet is still valuable, usable pipe with a scrap value of $6,000 and new purchase cost estimated at $40,000.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 2, 2000

“The parish will use this significant donation of 30-inch diameter steel pipe as culverts in the South Vacherie Backwater Protection Project designed to enhance drainage and prevent flooding in that district,” explained Jody Chenier, Department of Operations director. “The Koch pipedonation was quite timely and fit our size needs without having to designate parish funds to purchase the pipe.” Koch Industries is a privately-held company which employs more than 12,000 employees worldwide and 16 employees at St. James.”Safety and environmental excellence in our community establishes Koch as part of the overall environmental solution and the Operator of Choice in communities where we do business,” stated Jean Zeringue, Koch terminal manager. “Furthermore, through KEEP (Koch EnvironmentalExcellence Program), we are striving to achieve industry-leading environmental performance.”In 1999, Koch’s pipeline leak detection system was recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as an outstanding technological innovation. Koch is one of fewer than 30 companies in the worldaccepted for membership in GEMI (Global Environmental Management Initiative), a non-profit organization that promotes an international business ethic for environmental, health and safety excellence. Koch is committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of its 35,000 miles ofpipelines.

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