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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 27, 2000

GEOFFREY MICHEL / L’Observateur / June 27, 2000

June 11-17 was a good week. In fact, for some people it was a week to discoverplaces they had never been before. Well, I guess I can tell you the story now. For about a year my dad knew that he was going to Pebble Beach for the U.S.Open. He promised (a statement assuring someone that the person making thestatement will do something) that I would go with him to the U.S. Open. Well, you could guess how excited I was. I had never been on a plane before and Icould see the world’s greatest players at one of the world’s best courses. So, doyou want to guess who didn’t go to the U.S. Open? You are correct if you said me.My mother took my place. Now, she isn’t as much of a golf fan as I am. I thinkshe just wanted a vacation. I say if you want to go on a vacation go to GulfShores. So in essence, she took my first airplane seat. Not that she is primarilyto blame, because my dad was the one who did make the promise.

That same week my grandparents stayed with us. Harold Keller is a very niceman, but never let him in your house before noon. Every morning I woke up to thesounds of him loudly talking and singing to my little sister about the breakfast they were about to eat. It is a wonder he ever got married. Now please note: I amonly joking about all of this.

This whole article is leading to this one point: People will disappoint you. Nomatter how close you are to them, people will offend or disappoint you so you never know what can happen. My sister’s motto is, “Worse things have happenedto better people, so suck it up and move on.”And I did get a pretty nice shirt from the course.

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