St. James Council handles various issues

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 21, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / June 21, 2000

CONVENT – Recent actions by the St. James Parish Council include: Cajun Constructors was awarded the contract for the Vacherie Backwater Project. Bids were opened on April 28, with Cajun bidding thelowest at $1.14 million. A notice to proceed on the project was granted. The council voted to authorize parish President Dale Hymel Jr. to sign acontract with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Thecontract will award the parish $20,000 in return for a wetlands exhibit in the St. James Welcome Center project. The money will go toward continuing the construction of the project in Gramercy. Currently the 1800’s-era welcome center stands just shy ofexterior completion. Design Woodwork Co., contracted to restore the oldcreole home, is now building the doors and windows in its shop in Convent, said Hymel.

The council passed a new set of rules concerning the renting of the St.

James Parish Reception Hall. Rental fees are $200 for five hours, with $50per each additional hour or $75 for the maximum of three extra hours.

If alcohol is served, $15 extra an hour are added to pay for a security officer to attend. Security deposits must be paid 15 days in advance. If a reservation is canceled within five days of the scheduled event, the deposit forfeits to the parish. The reception hall will not be rented out toany fund-raising events past 8 p.m.The hall will be rented for free to any government-sponsored or related event.

The amended ordinances are supplied to each individual requesting the use of the hall. The new ordinances follow multiple violence problems whichrequired St. James Sheriff’s deputies to disperse the partying crowds. The budget for the St. James Parish Gas and Water Distribution systemwas revised and passed.

The Lutcher High School Boys Track Team was commended for being runners-up in the state competition.

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