St. Charles residents grapple with proposed boundaries

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2000

LEONARD GRAY / L’Observateur / June 14, 2000

HAHNVILLE – The first of a planned series of town hall meetings to establish which residents live in which community was held Monday.

No real progress was made.

Historically, the boundaries of the parish’s unincorporated towns weren’t an issue, save for local community pride. However, as development has pushedthe edges closer together that situation has changed.

Maj. Sam Zinna of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office said the problemarose in 1992 when the comprehensive street numbering system was put into place. Some boundaries, however, remained in question, especiallyBoutte/Luling, Destrehan/New Sarpy and Luling/Hahnville.

South Central Planning and Development in Houma was brought in last summer to start the study. They presented their first findings, based oncommunity surveys, interviews and study of historical records.

Richard Poche of South Central Planning met with 16 local residents, most of whom disagreed over at least one boundary.

“They never go to people who have lived here all their lives,” Leontine Hymel said. The upriver neighbor of Judge Edward Dufresne Jr. declared that sheand Dufresne’s residences were both in Luling, both being on the historical Esperanza Plantation. Upriver from her is the line with Hahnville’s FashionPlantation.

However, the study places the line halfway between the two residences, placing her in Hahnville.

“Why should I be in Hahnville when I’ve been in Luling all my life?” Hymel asked.

Stanford Caillouet of New Sarpy likewise had a vigorous opinion as to the line between New Sarpy and Destrehan.

“New Sarpy goes to Murray Hill Drive,” he declared, and Ray LeBlanc agreed.

However, that line places the entirety of Ormond in New Sarpy. BobLockwood, an admitted newcomer to the Ormond area, having lived there only eight years, commented, “I’m baffled by all this. I was told I was moving intoDestrehan.”Over the years a variety of unofficial boundaries have been agreed upon, such as those for postal zone boundaries and fire protection service districts.

However, not everyone came to disagree. Jim Cospolich of Ormond looked atthe proposed lines and said, “This is great! This is how it should be.”The lines, proposed by South Central Planning but entirely open to adjustment, include: Between Killona and Taft on River Road – the upriver side of the Waterford 3 property.

Between Taft and Hahnville – between RPM Lane and Thelma Lane.

Between Hahnville and Luling – the Hymel Canal.

Between Luling and Ama – the east guide levee on the downriver edge of the Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion canal.

Between Luling and Boutte – Boutte Canal along Paul Maillard Road and between Wal-Mart (Boutte) and Coronado Park (Luling).

Between Boutte and Paradis – Paradis Canal, placing Mozella entirely within Boutte.

Between Paradis and Bayou Gauche – Canal No. 9, halfway between U.S.Highway 90 and Grand Bayou Road.

Between Paradis and Des Allemands – Louisiana Highway 625.

Between Montz and Norco – west guide levee (upriver) of the Bonnet Carre Spillway.

Between Norco and New Sarpy – Lowerline Street.

Between New Sarpy and Destrehan – Van’s Lane.

Between Destrehan and St. Rose – Cristina Lane.

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