Peace, be still

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 19, 2000

L’Observateur / May 19, 2000

DEAR EDITOR: To all my readers: When you want to know a certain thing, or how to begin a certain line of action, first you must be quiet within yourself. You must notbe confused by any outward appearance. Never become disturbed by effects.They did not make themselves and have no intelligence to contradict you.

Be quiet until you realize the presence of absolute intelligence all around you, of the Mind that knows. Put your mind in touch with the Universal Mind. Sayjust what you are waiting for. Ask for it. Believe that you are receiving it andwait.

We are not limited by actual boundaries, but by false ideas about life and by a failure to recognize that we are dealing with the infinite power of the divine essence and presence of God. The problem is most of us never find that onething. Something keeps calling that there is something missing and we neverreally hear that voice of the Holy Spirit poured down upon us from the grace of God.

Blaise Pascal, the 17th Century philospher, wrote: “When I have set myself now and then to consider the various distractions of men, the toils and dangers to which they expose thesleves in the court or in the camp, whence arise so many quarrels and passions, such daring and often such evil exploits…I have discovered that all these misfortunes of men arise from onething only, that they are unable to stay quietly in their own chamber. Hence,it comes that play, the society of women, war and offices of state are sought after…Hence it comes that men so love noise and movement…”We must look at ourselves, what is it that we so long for, to touch our inner deepest currents of life and love, to satisfy that for which is missing? Where is the human tenderness, readiness to love, compassion and acceptance of ourselves? Education only reveals fragments of results. Various situations insociety will only bring us further away. We race to get from here to therebut never get to the end for which we search. There’s so much labor thatsometimes we feel we can’t go on. We never see the answer. That’s thesilent conclusion – we leave from the same door we enter to find that new exit into existence, and it brings such frustration and despair.

We must realize that success is never final. To climb from the bottom of ourself-delusions to the top of the utmost beliefs to our existence, we play another role in flickering flames of our relationship to life to find we need a new source. Still, that final achievement seems so far away, despite theassurances of our fairy tales, the promises that they bring.

We are as a child who delights in happiness of a gift on Christmas Day, only to wonder why there’s not more. Early in our lives, it seemed we havesearched for that missing something. Where is the answer to that which weseek? It boggles the mind, the time and the energy spent trying to reach the end.

Human emotions are governed by society. That’s why most of life is aneffort only as an existence. Most look upon the day as the sentence ofdeath. We are executed in our minds. We look to others for compassion andsee one another as in anguish and despair.

Stop and look at your condition and see your frustration the greatest of all wants. We are never satisfied with that which we have received. But thehuman pursuit is indeed strange, though we make the same mistakes, seeking to find the answers and striving to meet that absolute desire to satisfy our needs.

We just have to realize God is our eternal need. Then and only then,something will awaken deep inside. We should listen to our wants and bepersistent. This will bring us to fulfillment in our meaning of life. Once youhave this awakening, the desires seem to change but the peace is there.

These desires are never stilled.

Listen to your wants, then awaken to the truth. These wants will draw you tothe place where you shall never want.

May you find God and listen.

Robert Theriot LaPlace

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