Hymel honored for camp funding by school board

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2000

DANIEL TYLER GOODEN / L’Observateur / May 9, 2000

LUTCHER – After presenting the St. James River Camp $25,000 for itscomplete funding, Parish President Dale Hymel Jr. was given a certificate ofhonor by the St. James Parish School Board.Hymel praised the program for its developing of the minds and spiritual beings of the students workers and the camper. The camps, two on eachside of the river, will be run by 20 teachers and 40 St. James studentworkers.

Elvis Cavalier, director of Student Programs who organized the camp and the recent St. James Theatrical Program, was given a two-year contract tocontinue working for the school system. His current one-year contract wasto end June 1.

Also honored by the school board Tuesday for their contributions to the school system were Jamie Melancon, the Diamond Club and IMC Agrico. Theywill be presented their President’s Awards at the school board meeting May 9.

Kenneth Foret Sr. included in his president’s report the request ofSuperintendent Edward Cancienne Jr. to be allowed to devise a contingencyplan if a decision by the U.S. Justice Department is not given to the boardconcerning the validity of the proposed St. James resource center. TheJustice Department has responded to numerous complaints by St. JamesParish citizens concerning the restructuring of the east bank schools.

In another matter, parish Assessor Glenn Waguespack explained how property taxes are assessed to the board. Complaints of irregular propertytaxes have been brought before the St. James Council in recent weeks.Waguespack presented the property tax before the board in hopes to better explain the process of his office.

Also, endorsements of increasing teacher pay rates were passed and will be sent to the St. James Parish legislative delegation and all other public schoolsystems in the state. A resolution was also passed to allow St. Jamesscience fair winners to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair in Detroit.

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