School board completes mandatory uniform policy

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 7, 2000

ERIK SANZENBACH / L’Observateur / April 7, 2000

RESERVE – The St. John Parish School Board discussed and voted on thefollowing matters, including completing the school uniform policy for all schools: Assistant Principal, Glenda Louper of West St. John High and PrincipalJacqueline Forest of Fifth Ward Elementary asked the board to make uniforms mandatory at their schools. The board agreed to the requests, andbecause of this, every public school in St. John Parish now has a mandatoryuniform policy.

In other matters: Superintendent Chris Donaldson asked the board to accept a resolution calling for Gov. Foster to stand fast in his pledge to get a salary raise forLouisiana teachers.

To extend employee’s health insurance coverage until June and then look for another company to handle their prescription drug coverage.

The board agreed to let the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute audit their bus system and find out how to make transportation of students more efficient.

Director of Finance Nathan Stein asked the board to accept completion of new air conditioning units at East St. John High and Leon Godchaux JuniorHigh, and the completion of the lighting project at the West St. John Highfootball field, plus the Door Repair and Replacement project is also completed. The board unanimously accepted the completions.

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