Zen-Noh completes lost-time free yearL’Observateur / March 22, 2000CONVENT – Employees at Zen-Noh Grain Corp.’s Convent operationssuccessfully recently completed a year without sustaining a lost-time injury. The achievement covers more than 265,000 work hours.”We are truly excited that we have again achieved such a level of safety excellence and plan to continue working safely throughout the next 12 months,” Rodney Duhe’, plant manager said. “We work very hard atmaintaining a safe and clean environment; it’s part of our way of doing business.”Duhe’ emphasized that the company stresses safety beyond the company’s gates and encourages its people to practice good safety at home with their families.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 22, 2000

“Since nearly 70 percent of our people live in St. James Parish and theremainder in adjoining parishes, we want them to arrive at work and return home safely,” he added. “We also encourage our people to bringhome good safety, health and environmental practices to their homes and communities.”The latest safety achievement represents the second time in the past five years the company’s employees have worked 12 consecutive months without a lost-time injury.

Zen-Noh president and chief executive officer, Kevin Adams, offered his congratulations to the plant’s employees. “A true measure of efficiencyand organizational stability is the plant’s safety performance. Thisaccomplishment clearly demonstrates an outstanding dedication to workplace safety by the people at Zen-Noh.”Headquartered in Mandeville, the company acquires grain and wood chips from throughout the Midwest and South and efficiently transports these raw materials by its subsidiary, Consolidated Grain and Barge, and other independent barge, rail and truck shippers to it’s Convent elevator to service worldwide markets. The elevator is one of the world’s largest andmost sophisticated grain handling and exporting operations employing advanced technology to maximize employee safety, speed of vessel turnaround and environmental efficiency. The elevator employsapproximately 130 people.

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