Mom knows her son best

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 13, 2000

L’Observateur / March 13, 2000

DEAR EDITOR: In response to the article concerning Mr. Thornton’s apparent appeal to ahigher authority, I am here to advise yu that there is no higher authority than that of a mother. I take great exception to Mr. Thornton’s apparentattempt at playing mom to the world and St. John Parish. Specifically, Ichallenge Mr. Thornton’s motives in his attacks on my son, Bill.To infer foul play because of an apparent error by the Parish for not specifying the type of contracting license required for a project in the bidding documents is insane. Mr. Thornton has failed to mention that Bill wasnot reprimanded, but an engineering firm that published the advertisement for bids was advised to correct this error on future bid publications. Bill’scompany constructs public and private roadways, utilities, drainage facilities and much more, and it would appear a simple mistake on the Parish’s part to not have specified if a specific license was required to assemble playground equipment and provide some concrete paving. This is Mr. Thornton’s mainissue, according to his previously-published letter and the reason he feels Bill Hubbard is unqualified for the position. Mr. Thornton is questioning Bill’sbusiness practices and integrity because of the apparent mistake made by the Parish, which he represented at the time.

As the higher authority, I can tell you that Bill has established himself as both a local and state-wide business success story and is very dedicated to giving back to the community. He has been involved in his homeownersassociation and dedicated his time to serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission. He is a good family man and friend to many.I think there may be an ulterior motive for Mr. Thornton’s actions. I mightsuggest that Mr. Thornton might be tasting a little sour grapes in losing hisbid for re-election. After all, he has stated that he is a Republican and it isalmost unthinkable that a Republican, in what I believe is a majority- Republican district, could lose to a Democrat. Although I, along with many ofthe district’s constituents, had a sign for and voted for the other candidate.

I am angry enough to go into a lot more detail on this issue, but for the sake of saving paper that I do not think the gentleman is worth, will stop here.

I believe that we have a new, young council who like Bill and had no problem commiting their support to him as many stated during the recent council meeting. However, they refused to vote on any appointments until they haddirectors in place which they felt was a higher priority. Mr. Thornton hasdescribed himself as the new parish watchdog, but maybe he is paying too much attention to watching and didn’t listen or didn’t care to hear what the new council said.

In closing, as a mother and higher authority, I would just like to tell Mr.

Thornton that it isn’t nice to tell stories that are unfounded, that he did lose the election and is no longer a councilman, and would ask Mr. Thornton to acthis age and for the sake of the Parish, to grow up!

Retha K. Hubbard


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