Houston is St. John Library’s 1999 Employee of the Year

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 9, 2000

ERIK SANZENBACH / L’Observateur / February 9, 2000

RESERVE – Tammy Y. Houston, branch manager of the St. John Public ParishLibrary in Reserve, has been named the 1999 Employee of the Year for the St. John the Baptist Parish Library system.An employee of the library since 1989, Houston was selected by a committee composed of the library staff and representatives of the Library Board.

Houston is the second recipient of this award, which was started in 1998.

Randy DeSoto, director of the St. John Parish Public Library, said Houstonwas picked for “her outstanding work in the library.”Houston, who has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of New Orleans and a master’s degree in public administration from Southern University, said she loves working in the library because, “I get to meet and see a lot of people every day.”Houston wants to remind the residents of St. John Parish that the publiclibrary offers many services besides books. Library branches also rent outvideos and tapes and have internet access, and students can go in and write up their papers on the library computers.

Houston is also the storyteller at the Reserve branch for all the children that want to hear stories.

As Employee of the Year Houston received a plaque and a gift certificate for a free dinner at Bull’s Corner in LaPlace.

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