Finding the essense of my existence

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 28, 2000

L’Observateur / January 28, 2000

DEAR EDITOR: I would like to write a continuance to the last letter I wrote, “Finding the essence of my existence,” published Jan. 8. The subconscious is always inthe state of projecting and creating on the present state of consciousness.

Our future is created by the effect in our minds and surroundings. Oursubconscious automatically is working with the present images of thoughts perceived, but we must remember the subconscious has been gradually built from years of that which has been perceived.

Thus, the emotional reactions have been instilled. They are subjectivelyconditioned from our past. Dependent on our past, the emotions extrudeunrestrained in enthusiasm or style, or may tend to flow inward.

Thus, the inward flow of energies that would bring happiness and joy would bring anxiety, that abnormal apprehension and fear often accompanied by physiological signs, such as sweating and increased pulse, causing doubt about the nature and reality of the threat itself and by self- doubt.

Upon the idea that the subconscious is projecting and creating on the present state of consciousness, perceptions and surroundings, it would stand to reason there is a constant action of re-education of the subconscious. The question here is how will you take the course of actionto re-educate the mind to turn those negative aspects into positive, constructive human achievements? The negative aspects are not derived from life itself, but from the way we perceive and act on it. We are the center of our beings. It is said we arethe center of the universe through the infinite supply of the divine power of the spirit that dwells deep within the core of our existence.

How I tap that source is up to me, and how you tap the source is up to you.

That’s what makes us individuals – the freedom to choose our course of action.

Until now, obviously, the other course of action or choices some of us have made and tried may not have worked, and you are seeking answers, or you are looking for a way to encourage someone, or you are looking for a way to refine what you already know.

We areof one spirit and one mind which is complete and happy. Then sinceeach of us is the center, we should live by the spirit. This brings me to thepoint of which I choose to live and I, too, had to make that right choice. Ilive in the spirit, that “God”-consciousness. There is nothing in realitythat can influence my thought.

Because today, I honor our guardian angels, those spiritual beings privileged to gaze upon God and worship Him, even as they watch over us and safeguard us.

St. Basil the Great, one of the earliest doctors of the church, wrote,”Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd, leading him to life.” In addition, the church teaches that “by God’s providence,angels have been entrusted with the office of guarding the human race and accompanying every human being, so as to preserve him from any serious dangers. Our heavenly Father has placed over each of us an angel underwhose protection and vigilance we are.”May God protect you all.

Robert Theriot


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