Straight Talk from Straight Kids

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 26, 2000

MONIQUE MICHEL / L’Observateur / January 26, 2000

This past weekend I attended a youth conference in Hammond. It was soawesome to be in a church full of teen-agers praising God. Hundreds of teensattended, and many got saved for the first time or made new commitments to God.

One of the speakers, Chris Picou, gave an awesome sermon. He preachedthat there are two types of Christians – thermometer Christians and thermostat Christians. A thermometer Christian is the kind of Christian whoadjusts to the environment that he or she is in. They aren’t outspoken andmost people probably don’t even know that he or she is saved. People arecomfortable around a thermometer Christian because he or she doesn’t affect them.

On the other hand, a thermostat Christian is the kind of Christian who changes the temperature of things around him or her. They are so on firefor God that everywhere he or she goes gets a little hotter. We all know,however, that most people get very uncomfortable in the heat. People willpersecute anyone who makes them uncomfortable, but the thermostat Christian lets nothing bother them. Chris also said a definite characteristicof a thermostat Christian is that he or she is set. Thermostats don’t fluctuate. This means that absolutely no compromise is allowed in being aneffective Christian.

You may ask where the thermostat Christian gets his power. Think about it -the thermostat is lying on the table, it won’t affect anything. As Christians,we have got to be connected to God and walking in His ways to be any kind of world changer. And we all know that the world desperately needs to bechanged.

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