Local internet provider upgrades area servicesDEBBIE MUSTIAN / L’Observateur / December 22, 1999Major advances and changes have been made by WebNet, a local Internet Service Provided (ISP) to the River Parish area.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 22, 1999

According to Will Norris, vice-president and manager of WebNet/Access Com, Inc., WebNet and Access Com have combined forces to upgradeservices to customers in the LaPlace, Luling, Kenner, St. Rose, Ormond andDes Allemands communities.

By partnering with AccessCom, the oldest independent Internet Service Provider, WebNet customers may now enjoy quicker access to the Internet and their e-mail.

Essentially, new equipment was purchased to replace the vintage Internet routers and servers. Fiber optic trunks have been leased and line capacityhas been increased three times so WebNet can handle more customers.

“And we’ve made it possible for customers to access the Internet through a local call,” Norris explained, thereby offering WebNet customers a more economical way to enjoy the Internet and its services.

In addition, small business web hosting, networking and e-commerce is available to WebNet customers.

“We are providing support to small business owners and home users, too,” Norris explained. “We can build a (computer) network in an office and helpsmall businesses grow.

WebNet’s partnership with AccessCom also enables customers to access computer configuration and computer repair services, a benefit national Internet service providers don’t provide, according to Norris.

Technical support is provided over the phone and at AccessCom’s office in Metairie.

“Recently, a customer was having some technical problems with a computer and brought it into the office. We found there was a problemwith some old software,” Norris said. There is an additional charge fortechnical support, but Norris said the costs are well worthwhile. “It’s asimple matter for us to look over a computer.”The combining of WebNet and AccessCom has enabled the company to service customers both in web access and hosting, as well as provide necessary technical support for an ever changing industry.

Shing Wong, president of AccessCom, said: “With the fast pace growth of the Internet, every service provider has to keep abreast with technology.

WebNet and AccessCom have linked to provide the best with the latest technical advances to the River Parishes.”Norris added: “We’re now a one-stop shop for getting into the Internet, e- mail and e-commerce.” Today, e-commerce is one of the fastest growing aspects of the computer industry.

“With e-commerce, you can sell anything on the Internet,” Norris said.

One of the most important aspects of getting an e-commerce business started, besides actually designing a web site, is handling the data bases.

“This requires huge data bases, including item numbers and pictures,” Norris said. He added that e-commerce is becoming yet another wave ofthe future for businesses.

“Retail sales through e-commerce are going to double again this year and they doubled last year, too,” Norris said. “It’s becoming a major sector ofsociety.” Thanks to e-commerce, folks in small towns all across America can compete on a national basis with their products.

“Some small businesses used to set up in flea markets to sell their goods and now, thanks to e-commerce, they’re shipping their products as fast as they can and don’t have time to go to flea markets any more.”For information on gaining access to the Internet, e-commerce, technical support, repairs and computer configuration, call 651-6683, ext. 0. Foradditional information, call 887-3333. During the Christmas holidays,WebNet/AccessCom is offering different specials.

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