Theatre Magic announces cast for upcoming production

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 11, 1999

L’Observateur / December 11, 1999

Theatre Magic & Co., Inc. announces its cast of its upcoming production ofNeil Simon’s Rumors, directed by Suzette A. Hullette with the assistantdirection of Kay R. Reeve and Eric J. LaBranch. Cast members are Gary Marino as Ken Gorman, Tracey Gonzales as Chris Gorman, Darren Marshall as Lenny Ganz, Brandy Zeringue as Claire Ganz, Chris Workmon as Ernie Cusack, Dorothy Sexton as Cookie Cusack, Shane Sexton as Glenn Cooper, Deana Tomlinson as Cassie Cooper, Matthew Sexton as Officer Welch and Laura Zimmerman as Officer Pudney.

Other crew members include stage manager Tim Reeve, technical director Freddie Gonzales, publicity director Donna Conran and prop master Vicky Gennaro.

Hullette is excited about the cast and production and says this is one comedy that no one should miss seeing if you want to enjoy a good laugh.

It is definetly Neil Simon at his comedic best.

Production dates are scheduled for February.

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