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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 24, 1999

L’Observateur / November 24, 1999

LAPLACE – Sixteen piano and electric keyboard students of V. Allene Glynnparticipated in an evening piano recital in August, with the theme popular music.

The event was held at the First Baptist Church of LaPlace.

The first 16 students are the first group of performers for 1999; the next group of performers will perform in either December or February.

After the students performed, Glynn performed a favorite popular selection, then she presented the students with their achievement awards for the different goals they participated in during the year. During the award ceremony,each student received a performers trophy, with certificates, assorted ribbons, a music pin, a composer bust and other awards, which Glynn offers in her original grading-point system. Before the conclusion of the awards ceremony,Glynn presented the door prize to Ashleigh Keller.

This year Robert Jumonville, a fifth-year piano student, received a first-place trophy for the “best overall student” with point total of 64,975; first place piano assignment, 3,640 points; first place for bonus, 3,450 points; a music medallion; a music olympic trophy for extra points; a teaching award, 1,000 points/three-way tie; a composer bust of Beethoven for memory of 10 or more songs with 1,300 points; second place for reader of the week with 1,185 points; extra performance, 17,400 points; second place for accompany soloist with 7,800 points; fourth place for duets 1,755 points; and keyboard accompaniment, 1,050 points. Jumonville also received a music medallion for recital solo,memory, and he received 1,000 points, a ribbon and grand piano stick-pin.

The second place best overall student award went to Jason Clark with a total of 60,555 points. He is a first-year student with Glynn and a transfer student(total of eight years). He recieved first place for extra performances, 42,300points; for keyboard accompaniment, 300 points, he received a music medallion; a second place in assignment with 3,290 points; third place in reader of the week with 525 points; fourth place bonus, 2,400 points; extra, 5,340 points; memory, 500 points plus; recital solo memory, 1,000 points; a teaching” award, 1,000 points; keyboard accompaniment, 300 points; fourth place/tie, 5,340 points; and fourth place for accompany soloist, 900 points.

The third-place best overall student is a first-year student, Ashleigh Keller (5- year-old). Keller’s first year total is 53,955 points; first place, duets, 3,915points; third place bonus with 2,950 points; first place for accompany soloist with 11,400 points; assignment, 2,230 points; fourth place/tie for extra 5,340 points; extra performance, 19,900 points; memory, 750 points; she also received a composer bust award; and for recital solo memory, 1,000 points; keyboard hymn festival, 2,000 points; for first year she received a certificate from the Louisiana Baptist Convention plus a participant ribbon and large music clip from Glynn.

The fourth-place award for best overall student went to Kendra Adams, a nine- year part-time piano student, who received third place for extra performance with 39,200 points; first place teaching award, 3,500 points; she also completed bonus of 1,000 points; extra, 1,230 points; accompany soloist, 150 points; and reader of the week, 50 points.

Alanna Abadie is a part-time student and second-year performer with point totals of 53,860 points; for assignment, 850 points; second place in extra performance, 41,300 points; fourth place/tie for accompany soloist with 5,250 points; duets, 405 points; and she is a first year participant in the annual keyboard hymn festival held in January at the New Orleans Baptist Seminary.

She also received 2,000 points and a certificate from the Louisiana Baptist Convention, a participant ribbon and large music clip from Glynn; bonus 200 points; extra, 1,440 points; and memory, 50 points.

Other special award recipients are: Erica Laitinen, a first-year student, had totals of 31,505 grade points; second place in duets, 2,565 points; third place in assignment, 2,980 points; second place bonus, 3,300 points; second place for extra with 7,410 points; third place for accompany soloist, receiving 6,300 points; and one minute club, 250 points, and she received a photo card.

Amber Scroggs is a fourth-year student and an over-achiever who excels in her weekly piano endeavors. She received fifth place in total points of 43,240;she received first place in reader of the week, 1,285 points; fifth place assignment, 2,650 points; sixth place in bonus, 2,100 points; third place for extra with 6,490 points; fourth place in extra performance with 24,900 points; accompany soloist, 2,100 points; duets, 225 points; memory, 300 points; one minute club, 250 points and whe received a photo card.

Kimberly Schexnayder, a fifth-year student, completed a total of 30,655 points this year. She enjoys teaching others some fun songs and received theteaching award with 1,000 points; reader of the week, 140 points; duets, 270 points; accompany soloist: 1,100 points; extra performance, 17,100 points; extra, 2,910 points; bonus, 1,050 points; and assignment, 2,075 points.

Kristina Beaugh, a fourth-year student, received point totals of 39,805; fourth place for extra performances, 26,700 points; fifth place for extra work with 5,040 points; sixth place for assignment, 2,545 points; bonus, 800 points; duets, 270 points; memory, 150 points; and reader of the week, 250 points.

Elise Duhe’, a second-year performer, received the fourth place/tie for accompany soloist, 5,250 points; sixth place in duets with 1,395 points; assignment, 2,0445 points; bonus, 1,200 points; extra, 2,510 points; extra performance, 7,500 points; and memory, 300 points.

Melissa Giangrosso, a fifth-year performer, received point totals of 21,786; fourth place in assignment, 2,990 points; bonus, 2,200 points; extra, 3,346 points; and extra performance, 8,400 points.

Lindsay Johnson (second recital) received point totals of 24,375; fifth place for duets, 1,440 points; assignment, 2,160 points; bonus, 1,250 points; extra, 2,175 points; extra performance, 11,200 points; and accompany soloist, 2,350 points.

Adam Kennedy (first recital) received point total of 30,305; assignment, 2,365 points; bonus, 1,650 points; extra, 4,740 points; extra performance, 9,900 points; accompany soloist, 4,800 points; duets, 2,070 points/third place; memory, 200 points; reader of the week, 450 points; and recital solo memory, 1,000 points.

Natalie Meades (a ninth-year recital/part-time student) received point totals of 12,275; assignment, 2,335 points; bonus, 1,750 points; extra, 1,890 points; extra performance, 2,700 points; accompany soloist, 1,500 points; and reader of the week, 100 points.

Cody Malain (a first recital/transfer student) received point totals of 16,595; fourth place for reader of the week, 625 points; recital solo memory, 1,000 points; assignment, 1,560 points; bonus, 800 points; extra, 2,280 points; extra performance, 4,000 points; accompany soloist, 2,600 points; duets, 630 points; and memory, 100 points.

Brittney Malain (a first recital/transfer student) completed point totals of 15,850 with assignment, 1,540 points; bonus, 1,400 points; extra, 2,710 points; extra performance, 5,200 points; accompany soloist, 1,950 points; and reader of the week, 50 points.

The recital concluded with students presenting Glynn with appreciation gifts of a vase of lily assortment from Jason Clark; a bouquet of flowers from Ashleigh Keller; and Robert Jumonville presented Glynn with a beautiful porcelain doll with umbrella. Glynn, parents, and guests gave a special novation for excellentperformances and achievements. The program concluded with Glynn performing aselection from popular theme songs.

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