Harvest Pageant winners named

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 21, 1999

L’Observateur / November 21, 1999

RESERVE – The first Harvest Pageant was held recently at St. PeterSchool. Proceeds went to benefit the St. Peter Spring Pageant. Winnersare: Baby Miss Harvest (0-11 months): Alexis Porche, queen and fashion; Kaitlynn E. Rohan, first runner-up and prettiest eyes; Ronata CharonNicholas, second runner-up; Courtney Curtis, third runner-up and prettiest hair; and Trystian Burke, photogenic and prettiest smile.

Baby Master Harvest (0-11 months): Nathan Guidry, king and fashion; Robert Hughes, first runner-up, prettiest eyes and smile; Holden Loper, second runner-up, photogenic and prettiest hair; and Haydon Clement, third runner-up.

Tiny Tot Miss Harvest (12-23 months): Sarah Sutton, queen; Reanna Coleman, first runner-up and fashion; Emiliana Jarreau, second runner-up and prettiest smile; and Jayci Cambre, third runner-up, photogenic and prettiest eyes and hair.

Tiny Tot Master Harvest (12-23 months): Patrick Ratliff, king and prettiest hair; Nicholas Scioneaux, first runner-up and prettiest smile; Cameron Usey, second runner-up, photogenic and prettiest eyes; and Colby Burke, third runner-up.

Lil Tot Miss Harvest (2-3-year-olds): Leslie Curtis, queen and prettiest hair; Macy Miley, first runner-up, photogenic and prettiest eyes; Destiny Judd, second runner-up and fashion; Taylor Martin, third runner- up; and Elizabeth Pollard, prettiest smile.

Lil Tot Master Harvest (2-3-year-olds): Lance Duhe, king and photogenic; Brandon Apgar, first runner-up, fashion, prettiest hair and eyes; and Kane Sutton, second runner-up and prettiest smile.

Petite Miss Harvest (4-5-year-olds): Tajah Jackson, queen, prettiest smile and hair; Ashleigh Keller, first runner-up, fashion and prettiest eyes; and Brooklyn Bossier, second runner-up and photogenic.

Master Harvest (4-5-year-olds): Curtis Pellissier, king, fashion, photogenic, prettiest hair and smile; and Gage Alleman, first runner-up and prettiest eyes.

Lil Miss Harvest (6-7-year-olds): Paige Alexis St. Pierre, queen,fashion, photogenic, prettiest hair, smile and eyes.

Deb Miss Harvest (8-9-year-olds): Meagan Miley, queen, prettiest hair, smile and eyes; Katie Rylee, first runner-up; Brittany Sutton, second runner-up; Stephanie Gauthreaux, third runner-up; and Heather Landry, fashion.

Miss Harvest (12-14-year-olds): Heather Triche, queen, fashion and prettiest hair; Adele Guidry, first runner-up and prettiest smile; Heather Ross, second runner-up and prettiest eyes; and Kandace Brock, third runner-up and photogenic.

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