Catholic blocks Wildcats’ late attempt at victory

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 21, 1999

Daniel Tyler Gooden / L’Observateur / November 21, 1999

RESERVE – Despite a comeback in the second quarter, East St. John stillcould not overtake Catholic High’s lead, and fell last night in the regional playoffs at Joe Keller Stadium, 23-21.

Catholic (10-2) advances to play St. Augustine next week in thequarterfinals. East St. John finished its season at 8-4.Catholic started off strong, capturing their onsides kick to begin the game. By the end of the first drive they had put three points on the boardwith a 38-yard kick by Michael Irby.

Catholic didn’t give East St. John a chance to comeback as it againrecovered it’s onsides kick. By the second play, Richie Zimmerman was onhis way down field, ending a 31-yard run with a touchdown.

Irby’s kick was good and Catholic set itself at 10-0 before ever giving East St. John a turn at the ball.East St. John, seemingly shaken, could not get down field until the lasttwo minutes of the first quarter. Billy Hogan went for a field goal at 25yards out, but the kick was blocked and East St. John stayed scoreless.The second quarter consisted mainly of the two teams trading penalties, which totaled 70 yards. Finally with 14 seconds left, Irby again scored afield goal from 35 yards out. Catholic made the first half their’s with 13-0 on the board.

Catholic again started the second half strong as they gained three more points with another great kick by Irby. East St. John finally made its markon the board as Terron Charles pulled in a 16-yard pass by Floyd Smith and ran for 64 yards and a touchdown. Billy Hogan rounded off the score toseven on the board for the Wildcats.

Catholic responded quickly with their next drive bringing them down to the 1-yard line. Adam Bourgeois drove the ball over the goal line for thetouchdown and Catholic moved farther ahead at 23-7.

East St. John, fighting from behind, took their next drive home as ChrisBush caught a 27-yard pass in the end zone.

Two minutes left in the third quarter, East St. John forced a fumble fromCatholic and recovered, but couldn’t get their drive off the 40 yard line.

The fourth quarter began with 23-14 on the board, but it didn’t stay there long. East St. John’s Rashad Williams managed get his hands on a pass,tipping it to Edward Campbell who made the interception. Smith shot offa 20-yard pass, and Roy Del Williams scooped it up in the end zone.

With four minutes left in the game, East St. John got the break they werelooking for.

From their own 46-yard line, Smith launched a pass which found Williams in a dead sprint at the 15. Williams continued to the 4-yard line beforebeing pushed out of bounds.

With 23-21 on the board, ESJ desperately tried to get the ball over the goal line. Catholic’s defense held strong, not only keeping the ball out ofthe end zone, but blocking the kick that would have pulled East St. John outof the hole.

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