Garyville couple’s house invaded, purse snatched

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 17, 1999

ERIK SANZENBACH / L’Observateur / November 17, 1999

GARYVILLE- A home invasion in Garyville on Sunday evening left an elderly man bruised and battered and resulted in the theft of the woman’s purse.

Capt. Mike Tregre of the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office said that theunidentified couple who live in the 200 block of Historic Main St. inGaryville were finishing up their dinner when their front door burst open and a man with a white stocking over his head and face came at the elderly man with a tree limb.

“I tried to push him out of the house,” said the 65-year old gentleman, “but he hit me with the limb.”The old man and the intruder struggled for a few minutes, and the elderly gentleman managed to get the limb away from the burglar and hit the intruder with it.

The intruder retreated to the front porch where he grabbed a chair and hit the old man. Then the burglar took the woman’s purse and fled the scene.The elderly man’s 70-year old companion was doing dishes when the burglar invaded their house and she witnessed the fight and the theft of her purse.

The victim then complained of chest pains, and an ambulance was called.

He was checked out, and except for some bruises, he was pronounced okay.

Tregre reported that the police are working on some solid leads in the case that were phoned in by citizens.

Anyone who has any information on this aggravated burglary is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Andy Breaux at 652-6338 or 652-2773.

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