Rebels trounce Tigers, 45-7

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 15, 1999

Daniel Tyler Gooden / L’Observateur / November 15, 1999

Riverside gained another victory last night against Jonesboro-Hodges. TheRebels kept the Tigers out of the end zone until the last minute of the game, and decimated them with a 46-7 victory.

Riverside (10-1) hosts West St. John next week while Jonesboro-Hodgefinishes with a 5-6 record.

Casey Remondet carried 15 times for 131 yards and two touchdowns and added another touchdown a 15-yard reception.

Remondet began Riverside’s scoring streak with three touchdowns in a row. Two minutes into the first quarter Remondet rushed through theright side of the defense and disappeared down field with a 35-yard run.

Mayes, making every extra point he got his hands on, finished the first score at 7-0.

Less than two minutes later, Joel Levin intercepted for Riverside, at the 25-yard line. In the first play, Damian Melancon found three receiverswaiting in the end-zone and set it squarely in Remondet’s hands. Withinthe beginning seconds of the third quarter, Remondet outmaneuvered the Tiger’s defense and left them lost in his tracks as he covered 40 yards for the score.

Ronnie Mason broke up Jonesboro’s next drive, recovering a fumble and giving the ball back to Riverside’s offense. With two minutes left in thehalf, a high punt by Mayes was touched by Jonesboro, but missed and Riverside recovered.

Set on the opponents side of the 50, Melancon worked the team down field and snuck the ball in around the defense and into the end zone. Just as hewas about to be run down by the Tiger’s defense, Gary Entremont put the ball up and Bradley Hodges was there to snatch it out of the air. Thescoreboard stayed there at 29-0 for the half.

Four minutes into the third quarter, Britt Waguespack was stopped hard in a 9-yard run for the goal line, and the ball was knocked loose. GaryEntremont, quick on his toes, beat the Tigers’ defense for the recovery as the ball slid into the end zone, giving Riverside a further lead.

On Jonesboro’s next drive, they again lost the ball as Mike Mohon stepped into the line of fire and carried it down to the 6-yard line for a total of 30 yards. To finish the drive, Michael Schoen faced the defense on the goalline and took them straight on for the sixth touchdown of the night. Theextra-point snap was fumbled and the score stayed shortly at 42-0.

With 2:30 left in the third, Scott Duhe took his turn at an interception for Riverside. Again the Rebels made good of the Tiger’s misfortune andbrought the ball down to the 26-yard line. Mayes laid the ball just overthe goal post with a strong 42-yard kick.

Barret Gommel recovered the last Jonesboro fumble of the evening, midway through the fourth quarter. In the last minute of the game, WesBrown made the only interception for the Tigers.

Jonesboro then took the ball for one last drive and kept themselves from being shutout. Riccardou Mills let one fly from their forty-five yard lineand Alex Brown was there to pull it in at the fifteen. The score endedthere at 45-7, setting up the rematch between the Rebels and the Rams.

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