Dance Unlimited students successful at nationals

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 25, 1999

L’Observateur / October 25, 1999

This summer was not only very busy but also very successful for the River Parishes’ Dance Unlimited.

Over 100 members of its competition team traveled to Myrtle Beach, S.C.,to compete in the 1999 National Finals of the Star Systems Talent Competition. Dance Unlimited entered 65 routines and brought home 14platinums, 26 high gold, 19 gold and five high silver placements. Inaddition, it also received many over-all placements.

Alyson Waguespack of Norco was named the 1999 National Petite Miss Superstar with her platinum lyrical routine, to “If You Believe,” choreographed by Samantha Sidwell. Shelly Hennig of Destrehan wasnamed the 1999 National Model of the Year with her routine to “Walking on Sunshine,” which also received a platinum placement and was choreographed by Duanne Cazalot. MaQue Hollims came in first runner-upfor National Cover Girl, and Duanne Cazalot, owner of Dance Unlimited, was inducted in the National Dance Teachers Hall of Fame.

Dance Unlimited totally dominated the modeling class, receiving the top six overall placements in 12 and under and five of the top six placements in ages 13 and over. In the 12 and under age group, Shelley Hennig was thetop model, MaQue Hollins finished second overall, Megan LeBlanc was third overall, Alyson Waguespack won fourth overall, Shaina Lin Lewis finished fifth overall and Paige Granier was sixth overall winner.

In the 13 and over age category, all five top winners received platinum placement for their nearly perfect routines. Nicole Falgoust finishedsecond overall, Jason Brignac finished third, Michelle Bourdreaux came in fourth, Caitlin Triche was fifth and Meghan Marshall finished sixth overall.

Soloists who finished with platinum placement are: Alyson Waguespack (lyrical), Shelley Hennig (sportswear), MaQue Hollins (photo), Nicole Falgoust (formalwear and sportswear), Michelle Boudreaux (formalwear and sportswear), Caitlin Triche (sportwear) and Jason Brignac (sportswear).

High gold soloists are: Meghan Marshall (last call and sportswear), Randi Marshall (last call and open), MaQue Hollins (tap, formalwear and sportswear), Alyson Waguespack (jazz and sportswear), Magen LeBlanc (sportswear), Brandi Brignac (formalwear), Jennifer Dangerfield (sportswear), Keian Bickham (sportswear), Michelle Boudreaux (photo), Lecy Cazalot (photo), Steven LeBlanc (photo) and Shelley Hennig (photo).

Soloists who received gold placement are: Shaina Lin Lewis (ballet and sportswear), Kyra Duhe (tap), Magen LeBlanc (character jazz and photo), Brandi Matulich (photo), Ashley Scallan (jazz), Megan Chaisson (jazz), Paige Granier (sportswear and lyrical), Alyssa Schneider (sportswear), Shelley Hennig (lyrical), Amanda Guidry (jazz), Nicole Falgoust (jazz) and Michelle Boudreaux (lyrical).

High silver placement went to: Summer Rae Lewis (tap and formalwear), Jeannetta Dangerfield (formalwear) and Megan Chaisson (pointe).

Placements for duets are: Duanne and Lecy Cazalot, platinum (photo); Keri Bourg and Angie Lehrman, high gold (last call and pro-am); Mallory Becnel and Lacie Pitre, high silver (tap); Randi and Meghan Marshall, high gold (sportwear); Kyra Duhe, Meghan Marshall and Alee Waguespack, high gold (lyrical); Michelle Boudreaux and Caitlin Triche, high gold (lyrical); Jodi Gennaro and Amanda Guidry, platinum (sportswear); Michelle Boudreaux and Lecy Cazalot, platinum (sportswear) and Jason and Daniel Brignac, platinum (sportswear).

Placement for group routines are: “Butterfly Kisses” (gold), “Pure Imagination” (gold), “Boy From New York City” (gold), “The Bird” (gold), “Amos Moses” (gold), “Be Our Guest” (high gold and seventh high score line), “Lady Marmalade” (high gold), “Pom Mix” (high gold) and “When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman” (platinum).

Students who competed in the above listed group routines are: Mallory Becnel, Lacie Pitre, Amy Nicholas, Blayn Downing, MaQue Hollins, Allee Waguespack, Alyssa Schneider, Magen LeBlanc, Claire Robichaux, Randi Marshall, Shaina Lin Lewis, Caitlin Triche, Amanda Guidry, Nicole Falgoust, Shelley Hennig, Holly Pelas, Sarena Gaylor, Shannon Sawyer, Megan Chaisson, Kerrie Walsh, Amanda Laque, Michelle Boudreaux, Meghan Marshall, Christina Hanes, Courtney Johnson, Gabrielle Pollock, Melissa Pick, Kelsey Boudreaux, Heather Tizzard, Ellen Nugent, Sabrina Clement, Ashley Scallan, Elizabeth Buras, Kaylah Badeaux, Danielle Locque, Jodi Gennaro, Trystin Williams, Ashley Williams, Brandi Brignac, Michelle Watsky, Brandie Ehrmann, Laura Robichaux, Katie Songy, Aimee Chauvin, Brandy Matalich, Lindsay Griffith, Lindsay Marshall, Qiana Bickham, Kerriana Riley, Lorraine LeBlanc, Jennifer Dangerfield and Sarah Sassin.

Dance Unlimited has or will entertain with these national award-winning routines at the Alligator Festival, the Destrehan Manor House Fall Festival and several nursing homes during the Christmas holidays.

To schedule Dance Unlimited to perform for your upcoming event, call Duanne at 764-0625 for more information.

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