Faucheux argues favorably for constitutional amendments

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 1999

L’Observateur / October 20, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: I am supporting Constitutional Amendments One and Two.

Constitutional Amendment One will allow the concept of three branches of government equal power wherein the executive branch will not overpower the legislative branch because of the present constitution that requires fiscal-only sessions in even-numbered years, limiting the amount of legislation that can be brought by legislators. Legislative matters dealingwith the general public can be brought by legislators only every other year during the term.

Constitutional Amendment Two will put the tobacco settlement monies in a trust fund wherein 100 percent can be placed in trust. The amendmentwill bring it to 45 percent next year (2000), 60 percent the following year (2001) and 75 percent in 2002, with the ability to bring it to 100 percent and that is a protection to make sure education and the TOPS program will have perpetual monies for future legislation. It will provide for medicalcosts and smoking cessation programs.

Rep. Bobby Faucheux


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