Caring man needed for council

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 1999

L’Observateur / October 20, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: When Sid told me he was going to run for councilman of our district, all I could think of was: Did I want a man to represent me that would get involved with a neighbor that he did not even know? A man capable and willing to help save a baby’s life? A man that would make sure a scared grandmother was driven safely to the hospital to her grandson’s side? That a frightened aunt who was left behind would not be alone, thinking of all the terrible things that could be happening to her baby nephew, being rushed to the hospital? My answer is yes, I would be proud to have Sidney Morgan as my representative on the St. John the Baptist Parish Council, just as I amproud to call him a dear friend and extended member of my family, after a terrifying emergency in which he came to our rescue.

A horrifying incident occurred in April 1997 when my brother and his wife, Scott and Tina Falgoust, visited from out of town with their 16- month-old baby, Cameron. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the baby stoppedbreathing due to a seizure. Sid and Angie were my neighbors next door andalthough I knew Angie, I was not very familiar with her husband, Sid.

When the baby became suddenly unconscious, and his mother hysterical and terrified, I ran outside with the child in my arms, looking for help.

Hearing our cries and noticing the unconscious child in my arms, Sid was at my side instantly. Assessing the situation, he calmly instructed me todial 9-1-1, then took the baby and began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, breathing life back into the child’s lungs.

When the ambulance arrived, the baby was rushed to the hospital, accompanied by his mother. Sid then drove my distraught mother to thehospital while I was dispatched to find the baby’s father. Sid’s wife,Angie, stayed with me because I was scared and left behind to wonder and worry about what was happening. Sid eventually left the hospital to returnhome.

At 2 a.m., we received the welcome news that the baby would be all right.The EMTs and hospital staff said that had it not been for the mouth-to- mouth resuscitation administered by Sid, the baby would have died or been seriously brain-damaged.

At 2 a.m., I went to Sid’s house to let him know the baby would be fine. Sidwas not sleeping. He was up and worrying and awaiting word about thechild and the family next door. That’s when Sid won my heart, and I knewthat he would become a good family friend.

We need a man of action like Sid on our council. Please vote for No. 97, SidMorgan. Thank you.

Terry Falgoust


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