Straight Talk from Straight Kids

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 13, 1999

MONIQUE MICHEL / L’Observateur / October 13, 1999

Recently, I was riding in the car with my Mimi. She was talking about how avictim’s parents of the Columbine shootings were suing the two gun manufacturers of the weapons that were used in the slayings. My immediatethought was that such a thing is absurd. The gun manufacturers did not makethose two guns with the express purpose of hurting people. Guns do not killpeople. People kill people. Guns have been around for hundreds of years beforepeople were getting killed for no reason. So what changed, the guns or thepeople? When we take the Bible and prayer out of school and give kids no hope for tomorrow, they become desperate; desperate for attention and genuine love. Isit really any wonder our nation is in such turmoil? What have we done that should exempt us from such massacres? We proudly deny the Bible and the foundations on which this nation has been made great, and we wonder why our kids are killing each other. We wonder why divorce rates are up while ournation’s leader lies about his extramarital affairs to a whole nation. We wonderwhy drug and alcohol abuse are on the rise among teen-agers when the first place that they see such abuse is in the homes.

The answer to America’s problems is simple: revival. Not a revival to put abandage on our problems, but a revival to change the ways we do things and even think about things. The wages of sin are death, and we are all about to attendour own funerals if a radical change and shift in our attitudes do not occur.

However, this revival must start with ourselves. We must abandon the thingsthat hold us captive to this world and realize that this life is not the end. Thereis an eternity just ahead, and the choices we make today will determine where we will spend that eternity.

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