Praying for the children

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 2, 1999

DEBORAH CORRAO / L’Observateur / October 2, 1999

Hands uplifted and voices raised, some mothers of Reserve Christian School students turn to God to ask for their children’s success in school.

The mothers are part of a group called Moms in Touch, an offshoot of Moms in Touch International, and they say their goal is simple.

“We are committed to pray for one hour a week for our school,” says Tammy Berthelot, leader of the Reserve school Moms in Touch.

Berthelot leads 23 women who have signed up for the group made up of mothers from various denominations in corporate prayer meetings held once a month in the quiet sanctuary of the Reserve Christian Church. Choirmember Linda Chilek provides background keyboard music.

“We pray for our students’ protection, for God to keep us safe,” says Berthelot, “and we pray for God to give our teachers wisdom, grace and peace.”During the school week, Moms in Touch breaks up into splinter groups from areas the school serves. One group meets in Gonzales, another in Metairie,and another in LaPlace. Two groups meet in Reserve. Each group isresponsible for praying for the school once a week.

The 323 students at Reserve Christian are not the only students on the prayer list.

Moms in Touch prays daily for all students in the River Parishes, according to member Judith Brinkman, who has two children attending Reserve Christian.

Berthelot has three children at the school, but her prayers, she says, are for all the kids.

“I look on all the kids as my own,” she says. “We pray that we’re going tosee much happen. We’re not perfect and we don’t have perfect kids, butwe’ll stand in the gap and pray for them.”Brinkman says the school has a spirit of academic excellence, so the group especially prays for children who have trouble in school to give them hope for success.

All moms in the group say their prayers are answered.

“The atmosphere of the school is better,” Berthelot says. “The kids arenot as rebellious. Some of the kids get together during their lunch hour andpray.”Raymond Goodman, administrator of Reserve Christian School and administrative pastor for the church, agrees.

“I can’t help believe there’s not a difference,” Goodman says. “We havekids that really want to serve God. We’ve seen a difference.”Eight mothers have gathered in a circle to offer their simple, fervent prayers.

“Father, we thank you for the little ones; give them grace that they will decide to learn and listen,” Berthelot begins.

Brinkman joins in with her own prayers. “Give our teachers understandinghearts to understand the children’s needs.”Berthelot says if mothers are interested in starting a Moms in Touch group at their school, they can call Reserve Christian or Moms in Touch International at 619-486-4065.

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