Comet pageant winners listed

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 2, 1999

L’Observateur / October 2, 1999

LAPLACE – The sixth annual St. Charles Catholic High School Comet children’spageants were held recently at the school in LaPlace.

Winners are: Baby Miss: Payton Roussel, queen and fashion; Jenna Faucheux, first runner-up, photogenic and prettiest eyes; Amanda Laiche, second runner-up; Mikah Hopkins, third runner-up; Jordyn Vicknair, prettiest smile; and Taylor Aubert, prettiest hair.

Baby Master: Garret Dunkleberger, king; Breland Clement, first runner-up, prettiest smile and fashion; Shane Noto, second runner-up and prettiest eyes; and Ashton Duhe, third runner-up, prettiest hair and photogenic.

Tiny Miss: Caitlin Abadie, queen; Reanna Coleman, first runner-up and prettiest eyes; Megan Spencer, second runner-up; Sarah Borne, third runner-up and photogenic; Angelica Dauenhauer, prettiest smile; Sadie Dichary, prettiest hair; and Ashlyn Fendt, fashion.

Tiny Master: Patrick Ratliff, king and fashion; Hunter Waldridge, first runner- up and prettiest hair; Justin Dubose, second runner-up and prettiest smile; Lane Sanders, third runner-up and prettiest eyes; and Shane Boudreaux, photogenic.

Lil Miss Princess: Saige Brady, queen; Sydnie Louque, first runner-up and prettiest eyes; Gabrielle St. Martin, second runner-up and prettiest smile;Payton Usey, third runner-up and prettiest hair; Macy Miley, fashion; and Madison Sidwell, photogenic.

Petite Miss: Shelby Thompson, queen and prettiest hair; Ashleigh Keller, first runner-up; Sarah Broekhaven, second runner-up; Paige Ocmond, third runner-up, photogenic and prettiest smile; Kassie Huge, prettiest eyes; and Ashley Klibert, fashion.

Lil Miss: Sarah Klibert, queen; Cherish Vicknair, first runner-up; MaQue Hollins, second runner-up and prettiest smile; Jade Coates, third runner-up, fashion and prettiest hair; Shanna Cantu, prettiest eyes; and Ariel Amedee, photogenic.

Deb Miss: Katherine Vance, queen and prettiest eyes; Megan Daigle, first runner-up and fashion; Brittany Sutton, second runner-up, prettiest smile and photogenic; and Nikki Sebring, third runner-up and prettiest hair.

Junior Miss: Dayna Jenkins, queen and prettiest eyes; Jennifer Sebring, first runner-up; Amanda Guidry, second runner-up and prettiest smile; Meghann Schexnayder, third runner-up, prettiest hair and photogenic; and Caroline Pickering, fashion.

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