Rebels give Roussel 100th career victory

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 27, 1999

RANDY SMITH / L’Observateur / September 27, 1999

RESERVE – It was almost a repeat of Riverside’s 44-17 victory over Vandebilt Catholic last week, but it was worse. In their first districtgame of the season, the Riverside Rebels laid waste to the Wildcats of Buras High School 56-14. This win moved the Rebels to a 4-0 on theseason and gave head coach Mickey Roussel his 100th career victory, all of them at Riverside.

Buras won the opening toss and received the opening kickoff. The Rebeldefense held the team to four downs and out and forced a punt.

Riverside quarterback Damien Melancon’s first play was an incomplete pass to wide receiver Gary Entremont. The second down play saw a handoffto Brandon Delaneuville for a gain of 30 yards. This set up a touchdown runby running back Britt Waguespack with over eight minutes left in the first quarter Waguespack carried the ball another six times before the end of the game for 138 yards.

Not everyone on the Buras team was named Riley, but statistically anyway it seemed so.

Buras quarterback Travis Riley handed off the ball to No. 20, Scott Riley,two times in the next drive and a total of 15 times during the game for a total of 102 yards rushing. Scott Riley also caught one pass for a 29-yardgain. Not to be outdone, fullback Matt Riley carried eight times for a totalgain of 32 yards. Another fullback, Terry Riley, saw less action, but hewas in there, too.

When Riverside got possession of the ball again it took just three plays to set up a touchdown pass to Entremont. With 5:15 left in the first quarter,it was Riverside 14, Buras 0.

Buras struck back quickly, however. Scott Riley returned the kickoff 15yards. Two plays later quarterback Travis Riley handed the ball to runningback Scott Riley, who dashed 64 yards for a TD. With the point-after, thescore narrowed to 14-7. This was the closest it would ever be again.Riverside had scored on its first two possessions, so why should the third be any different? It wasn’t. After two hand-offs to Brandon Delaneuvilleand one 5-yard run by Waguespack, Melancon tossed the ball to Jeff Roccaforte, who brought it in for the score. With over two minutes left inthe first quarter. It was Riverside 21-7.Buras seemed to come apart at this point. It was Riley to Riley (that’sTravis to Scott) three times for a mere 5 yards total gain. Then it wasRiley to Riley (that’s Travis to Matt), who managed to gain 11 and a first down. QB Riley was sacked by Scott Duhe, and Buras was finally forced topunt the ball away.

Melancon moved the ball back down the field through a series of short runs by backs Waguespack and Delaneuville. A pass to Kaleb Mayes set up a firstdown on the 18-yard line, and Roccaforte carried the next play into the end zone for another Riverside TD. Four drives, four scores. It was now28-7.

Life seemed to get worse for Travis Riley at this point. A four-downs andout situation led to a bad kick and great position for Riverside on its own 45-yard line. On the next play Waguespack carried again and gained thefull 45, and with the extra point it was a 35-7 game.

Despite their difficulties, the Buras Wildcats played a hard game and demonstrated great sportsmanship and good leadership. Late in the secondquarter when Rebel linebacker Mike Mohon was injured on the field, the Buras team knelt in formation with helmets at their feet until the moment had passed and Mohon left the field on his own feet. The first half endedshortly afterward, leaving the score at 35-7.

As the second half began, Buras kicked off to Riverside’s Bradley Hodges, who ran the ball back 30 yards to give the Rebs position on the 50. After afake to Delaneuville, Melancon handed off the ball to the fast-footed Waguespack, who delivered to the 20 and in for the score two plays later, making it 42-7 with 8:42 left in the third quarter.

The next Buras drive was another disaster marked by loss of yardage, bare fingertip catches and finally a blocked kick by defensive end Richie Hymel, which set the Rebels up on the 50-yard line again. But this time, thecharm failed to work. On the first drive, Jared St. Amant carried for 20yards only to fumble and turn the ball back over to Buras, which failed to capitalize on the opportunity.

Riverside scored again on its next possession, this time under the direction of quarterback Michael Schoen. He moved the ball down the fieldwith a series of short passes then set up running back Seth Johnson for a 22-yard trot to the end zone. With 1:59 left in the third quarter, Riversideled 49-7.

Another fumble by Buras on the following drive gave the ball back to Riverside with a recovery by defensive lineman Blake Torres. Two playslater Neil Richard ran the ball 43 yards for yet another score and increased the Rebel lead to 56-7.

Buras began a long drive to regain some dignity and succeeded. After along drive Riley (that’s QB Travis) kept the ball and ran in the final 20 yards for Buras’ second and final TD of the night. It was 56-14 and stayedthere for the final five minutes it took for Riverside to run out the clock and score its first district win of the season.

Riverside hosts Redeemer-Seton in District 9-2A play while Buras hosts Belle Chasse next Friday.

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