Election time upon us

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 15, 1999

L’Observateur / September 15, 1999

The elections are on and the political affray, which will alternately excite, bore, infuriate and delight voters in the next nine weeks will provide the breakfast conversation topics.

There will be allegations claimed, speeches made, candidate forums presented, campaign signs ripped up from yards and possibly even a fraud or two.

Statewide, a spurious “Mike Foster” has already tried to make a bid but has since dropped out of the governor’s race.

Assorted “dirty tricks” from one campaign camp against another are common fodder for gossip and will likely happen this time as well. It’sunfortunate that some of our entertainment consists of the antics of a few campaign workers and even possibly a candidate or two.

We can only hope in vain that campaign shenanigans will not occur again – yet, we know that they will.

Several council members are struggling against the confines of enforced term limits by seeking other offices to prolong their service to the community. At-large councilmen are seeking district office, and districtcouncilmen are campaigning for at-large seats.

And, in St. James Parish, a movement to mount a “ticket” of candidates insupport of the St. James High School boycott was launched, irregardless ofthe fact that only the school board (not on the fall ballots) will have an affect on that situation.

In short, it’s election year. Fasten your belts, it’ll be a bumpy ride.

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