We are the foundation of our children’s future

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 7, 1999

L’Observateur / September 7, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: I read Harold Keller’s articles, “Get High on Life,” religious motivations. Ifind these articles to be straightforward and in Mr. Keller’s honest andpersonal feelings for a spiritual and educational foundation for growth and knowledge to be given, not only to our children, but also to adults as myself, whom at some point in life has lost his way.

I have had the honor to meet and attend meetings with Mr. Keller. Theprinciples of Mr. Keller are of both spiritual and educational support to ourcommunity and future leaders of LaPlace.

Education spreads through programs such as Get High on Life. I read otherarticles and have met others, but I have to say that many talk the talk but don’t walk the walk in their everyday lives. But Mr. Keller, as I see, talksthe talk and walks the walk through his actions to our community and support groups of others.

There are alcohol and drug abuse programs, driver’s education, etc. I justwish more of our community would get involved and give more support to our ever-growing community. I believe we, as a growing society to becomea more productive society, need to become educated and supportive as Mr.

Keller. I personally can and will be supportive to serve our community toeducate our future leaders.

Let’s face it, we are the foundation for our future and our children’s future. Today, my faith and spiritual foundation is my courage. I am theson of an awesome God. By my faith, today the grace of God has shined onmy path to which I follow.

Robert Theriot LaPlace

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