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Published 12:00 am Monday, August 30, 1999

L’Observateur / Agust 30, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: St. John Parish is living up to its growing reputation as the southeastLouisiana parish of choice. Many families are moving to this parish. Thosefamilies, like those families who have been here for generations, will benefit from a recent Parish Council action.

On July 27, the Parish Council accepted the recommendation of the Parish Planning and Zoning Board to reject a request to rezone a parcel of land in the middle of Garyville, between two residences, one which is over 100 years old, from single-family residential to commercial and industrial.

Residents of the close-knit Garyville community turned out in record numbers for both the Zoning Board hearing and the Council meeting. Inaddition to statements residents made providing good reasons why the rezoning request should be rejected, there was an impressive show of hands at both meetings.

When polled, almost everyone in the audience raised their hands opposing the rezoning. Unfortunately, comments were made that the show of handswas a popularity contest. But I submit to the commentator that defendingthe community’s quality of life, health, and environment is popular with people everywhere. And no one can contest the fact that Garyvilleresidents are ready and willing to defend the preservation of their quiet, family community, nestled along the River Road.

Thanks to the Zoning Board and the Parish Council for supporting Garyville.

Their help will ensure that St. John Parish sustains one of the lastcommunities that holds the rich heritage, history and lifestyle that makes St. John Parish the place of choice for many families.

Carl Baloney Sr.Garyville

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