Straight talk from Straight kids

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Monique Michel / L’Observateur / July 28, 1999

It was early one morning and I was aggravated because I had to go to work.

My paw-paw was bringing me that morning. As always, he was talking. Inconversation, he asked me how many real people I knew. By real, he meantpeople that not only claimed to be Christians, but people that lived a life that proved it.

When I answered him, my response surprised me as much as it my paw- paw. Not many names at all came to mind. It was a very rude awakeningfor me to think about how many phony people I know.

Just days before this conversation, I wrote a poem on this very topic. Iknow that it was just totally God because I do not normally write any kind of poetry. I hope that it will inspire you to become the kind of Christianthat we are commanded to be.

“What if…”What if love was more than just a feeling…What if criticism hurt me as much as the person it was directed to…What if I could forgive someone no matter what they had done…What if I gave to others with no ulterior motive…What if making money was not as important as making disciples…What if I controlled pride and jealousy instead of letting it control me…What if witnessing was as normal as breathing…What if worship was the state of my heart…Then I could truly call myself a Christian.

I know that all of my efforts to be this kind of Christian will never be enough. However, I know that if I give my thoughts, actions and words toGod, he will mold me to be this kind of Christian.

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