RCA grads spread their message abroad

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 26, 1999

ANNA MONICA / L’Observateur / June 26, 1999

RESERVE – The mission trip to Amsterdam is now tucked away in the fondest of memories for a number of seniors who have graduated from Reserve Christian School. Their intention was to witness and to start ayouth church for young people there.

The seniors included Beth Discharry, Ashely Holmes, Cherie Carbo, Katie Millet, Hailey Hammond and Kelly McGee. Dick and Susie Bashta of LaPlaceled this trip as they often do.

The team was captivated by the beauty of Amsterdam with its canals everywhere and other areas in the Netherlands with its windmills, streets of stone, the former home of Queen Beatrice and a castle built in 1280.

Discharry reported that tulips were every where and you could buy 50 for $5. It is known as the “Venice of the north.” Their hotel was formerlyRembrandt’s studio, where his students were taught. The different typesof old architecture was fascinating and in some buildings the stairways were so narrow they had to walk up sideways. And, everybody walks. Carsare discouraged because the streets are so narrow. Bicycles areeverywhere.

Having just left the states, the group felt that they were walking back in time when they arrived at their destination.

“Everybody there spoke English,” Discharry said, “and the people were open to what we had to say.”Each morning the group of about 20, with 11 from Reserve church and others from other parts of the state, would begin their day with devotion time and in the afternoon went on outreaches, played music, did drama presentations, witnessed, spoke with people and passed out tracts.

Dicharry said it was the music that really first drew them in. Of the manyyoung people who stopped by, some still keep in touch and have started their own youth groups similar to the one Reserve Christian has.

The group had friends in Amsterdam. The Flores family from Hammond livethere, having a full-time ministry.

Even in a lovely country far away where Beth said “I felt I was in the 15th century,” the girls found a taste of home at a favorite eating place called New York Pizza.

Back home, Reserve Christian is starting a “180” program which is to be a hangout for teens. Plans are to provide a place for teens to go in an effortto turn their lives toward a positive direction, to improve themselves and to get an introduction to Christian life. Joining the church is not required.

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