Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 12, 1999

Harold Keller / L’Observateur / June 12, 1999

Many people spend a lot of money to be entertained. Entertainment isdefined as amusement or public performance. There is an old saying thatyou get what you pay for. I believe entertainment is the exception to thatrule. The best sometimes doesn’t cost that much.This past Tuesday, I went to Reserve to see the Riverside/St. CharlesAmerican Legion baseball game. The entertainment started before thegame. Jimmy Delaneuville was collecting the $3 admission fee and he evenmakes that amusing.

His son, Sean, plays for Riverside and is a pretty good athlete. In fact, he’smuch better than Jimmy ever was. Sean is also a real nice guy.The game moved along pretty slow, with not too much action or entertainment. That is, until Jimmy got tired collecting.I had the privilege of sitting next to Jimmy (now, that’s entertainment!) and my friend, Ned Duhe. I’m sure those of you who know Jimmy can attestto what I’m going to say. To those of you who don’t, you’ve been cheated.I firmly believe that Jimmy is who the people of Riverside were thinking about when they chose their name – the Rebels. Jimmy comments on everyplayer, every pitch, and any comment by people within hearing range. Hebleeds the Rebels colors because of his dedication to Riverside. Now, ifyou love Riverside as much as Jimmy, that doesn’t leave much love for the opposition, especially if it’s St. Charles.During the game, the Rebels were losing. His remark was, “I wish we couldget the lead just to see Frank Monica (the St. Charles coach) go crazy.” (Ithink there’s a little jealousy there because Frank knows so much more about baseball than Jimmy.)At one point in the game, as a St. Charles player was at the plate, Jimmyremarked, “I guarantee he’ll never hit the ball.” Boom! The guy drives intwo runs with a long double. Another St. Charles player hits a grand slamhome run. Jimmy said, “The wind took it out.”The final score was St. Charles 9, Riverside 1.I sometimes worry about the people to whom I’m attracted. God tells methat I have to love everyone, but liking them is an option. What bothers meis that I like Jimmy. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because under all thatrough talk, Jimmy is a marshmallow. (Jimmy, that’s a compliment. Itmeans you have a soft heart and a person with a soft heart is compassionate and caring.)Jimmy always teases me about all of my wrong predictions at the beginning of each year. A few months ago, he blamed me for the Rebels notwinning the state football championship because I had predicted they would. Well, Jimmy, this is my only mid-year prediction. One day, soon, Ireally believe that you will humble yourself and attend a Frank Monica baseball seminar.

As I left the game, I told him that I was going to mention him in my article. He said, “You’d better not! I’ll sue you!” (Jimmy, the bad news iseven if you win the suit, you’ll lose because you’ll come out empty- handed.)

Harold Keller is a regular columnist for L’Observateur

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