West St. John High in running to become Priority One school

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 9, 1999

L’Observateur / June 9, 1999

EDGARD – West St. John High School recently went a long step closer tobecoming a “STUDENTS: Priority No.1 School.”Between four and seven regional high schools will be chosen by Metro Vision as a Priority One School and will each be awarded a $45,000 grant to aid in the school’s strive for excellence.

This competition is known as “The Promise and the Challenge,” an initiative of Metro Vision and an outgrowth of the School to Career efforts at work in Louisiana’s public high schools. Sue Burge, director of MetroVision’s School to Career Initiative, explained, “Priority One is designed to assist in a ‘whole-school change.’ We want every student to have thechance to participate in programs that involve career pathways.”Burge continued, “We are seeking Rigor in the curriculum, Relevance for the students, Relationship building among schools and communities and Results.”Competing schools hosted a series of workshops, which provided staff, students and community members a role in developing their action plan.

Those four to seven schools chosen as STUDENTS: Priority No.1 School willreceive $15,000 per year for a three-year period.

“The Promise and the Challenge” was given to high schools from the seven- parish area served by Metro Vision in early December. The promise was toprovide training and grant dollars to each of the selected schools. Thechallenge is for each competing school to provide an outstanding action plan of how the dollars will be spent. Twenty-one schools accepted thechallenge, and four to seven of them will realize the full promise. West St.John High School is working hard to be among them.

“This is the final stage of competition,” said Principal Glenda Gaudet. “Ms.Burge and the other Metro Vision representatives are here to inspect West St. John High School in every way possible.””With the STUDENTS: Priority No.1 School initiative, we are seeking tomake the students’ education more meaningful,” said Superintendent Cleveland Farlough.

In addition to Burge, other inspection team members included Jerry Gauthier from the Human Resources Department of DuPont, Wanda Arnaud, an independent educational consultant, and Gayle Miller from the Louisiana State Department of Education.

Final announcement of winners will come by the end of June.

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