DHS’s 4×4 scheduling misses essentials

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 5, 1999

L’Observateur / June 5, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: I recently wrote a letter to the editor with my feelings about the way Destrehan High School is handling the 4×4 schedule they chose to follow. Ipointed out how some students are going a year without having a math class, two years between language classes, the difficulty of scheduling band, chorus and so on all year long, and the inability to graduate with academic honors from Destrehan if you are involved in band, chorus, JROTC and the like. I have expressed my feelings to Destrehan Highadministration, school board members and the Superintendent of St.

Charles Parish Schools.

I have been told over and over that they have not gotten any negative responses and that the parents, teachers and students like the system 100 percent. If only half the students, parents and teachers that responded tome about my letter would call their school board members, school staff and Rodney Lafon, the program would be improved immediately.

I don’t go to a school event, church function or the store without someone stopping me to say they agree with what I had to say. I was amazed withhow many students told me they read and agreed with the letter. Ichallenge each and every person that has feelings about the schedule at Destrehan High School to call their school board representative, Chipper Simon and Rodney Lafon. I know teachers cannot express their opinionswithout the fear of losing their jobs, but students and parents should be able to speak out without that fear.

Who owns St. Charles Parish Schools? I think it is the people and you canbe the one that makes a difference. If you would like to get involved in theeffort to make Destrehan High School a better place to educate your children, call me at 764-8386.

Mary Ann Schindler Destrehan

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