Reunion planner thanked by family

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 19, 1999

L’Observateur / May 19, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: The family of Bobby Millet, son of Emeline Duhe Millet and Leonce J. Millet,give special thanks to Donna Terrio (granddaughter of Emeline and Leonce) for coordinating the Millet-Duhe Family Reunion held Sunday, April 11.

All of the hard work and dedication towards this reunion was well received, with very few not in attendance. The children of Emeline andLeonce in attendance were Florence Porta, Leonce Millet Jr., Eunice andGerald Melancon, Helen and Fred Brad, Arthur Millet, Audrey and Allen St.

Pierre, Lavonne Brady, Ferrell Ann and Ashton Stockton, and Bobby and Audrey Millet (of the 13 children, four are deceased, Louise Pellissier, Joseph “J.C.” Millet, Doris Louque and a three-day-old baby). Also inattendance were a multitude of the 42 grandchildren, 72 great- grandchildren, 27 great-great-grandchildren, including step-grand, great- grand and great-great-grandchildren.

Again, thank you, Donna, for a job so very well done.

Bobby and Audrey Millet Robert Millet Jr.

Desiree’ Bennett

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