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Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 3, 1999

L’Observateur / April 3, 1999

DEAR EDITOR: As the ninth annual Billboard Songwriting Contest is now starting, I’m thinking there are a whole lot of very talented songwriters in the River Parishes who may wish to showcase their songs before the panel of blue- ribbon judges, made up of professional songwriters and other music industry professionals, and go after the top prize of $5,000, six first- place prizes of $1,000 each, and other valuable prizes – “but can’t.”Billboard is the ratings “It” in the music industry. The reasons area talentcan’t enter are they are not aware of the yearly contest and don’t have the contest rules or an entry form.

While I do have them, that seems very unfair. Entries have to be in by June15, and copies of the entry forms are listed as acceptable for one or more songs.

If any area songwriter would like a copy of the Billboard Songwriting Contest entry rules and entry form, they should send me their name and address. I’ll mail them copies. So any songwriter who wishes can have theopportunity to enter and showcase their talent before the judges.

And, in memory of a fellow named Cactus Jack, who had a number-one hit called “Ramblin’ Man,” that I happened to have met and co-wrote a song with, on the spot, one morning, I’ll include a list of songwriter’s do’s and don’t’s to get your song noticed with those entry forms. There are sevendifferent categories and this advice applies to any of them.

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