Ministry of Care lists contributionsL’Observateur / March 31, 1999LAPLACE – The St. John Ministry of Care gave more than $42,000 to thecommunity of St. John the Baptist Parish during 1998, through utilitiesassistance, transportation, school supplies, Christmas toys and other help to those in need.

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 1999

This is the 15th year of service for the organization, headquartered at 217 West Fifth St., LaPlace. President Ernestine Hay elaborated the followingcommunity contributions in the annual report recently issued: Electrical bills assistance – $18,305 Gas and water bills assistance – $3,624 Emergency shelter for 26 families, totaling 256 individuals – $9,415 Motel expenses for 34 families – $1,301 Transportation for 64 clients – $971 Prescription and doctor bills assistance for 80 clients – $3,006 Meal vouchers for 65 clients – $441 School supplies – $367 She added that office expenses for the organization totaled $12,490 Office cleaning performed by The Arc clients – $600 Christmas baskets for 100 families New clothing for 600 individuals (donated by Wal-Mart) Food bags for 526 families, totaling 2,104 individuals Office expenses for 1998, which included rent, phone, utilities, dumpster use, office supplies, insurance and the annual luncheon, totaled $12,490.

The St. John Ministry of Care, according to its mission statement:”…assists people who have experienced a reversal of circumstances due toa specific occurrence involving but not limited to fire, major theft, accident, illness and loss of employment.”It will provide assistance on a temporary basis until an ongoing solution is found to those circumstances.

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