Lutcher boy wins regional dance title

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 29, 1999

L’Observateur / March 29, 1999

Dorwin “D.J.” Ardell Joseph, Jr. a student at Yvonne’s Directions in Dance ofLutcher, was recently awarded the regional title of “Little Mr. Starpower” ata Baton Rouge dance competition.

Joseph is 5 years old and has been studying dance and gym for two years at Yvonne’s. Starpower was his first dance competition. He performed a taproutine to “Soul Man” and received a platinum medal, which is the highest award a dancer can receive. He also won a first division trophy and wasfourth overall highest score out of over 150 numbers in the age 12 and under soloists.

He also received the “What A Man” Award, which is a special award given by the judges to routines that catch their eye with something special.

He was awarded a Dance Power Express Scholarship along with a Starpower jacket. This scholarship will allow him to take many classes studying tapand jazz with master choreographers from all over the United States.

Joseph will also be performing in Orlando, Fla., this summer at Disney Worldin the opening number of the Battle of the Stars for national competition.

Since he was a top 10 finalist of the Starpower Competition he also has the opportunity to perform at the All American Pro-Bowl Tour in Hawaii in the year 2000.He is the son of Cassandra and Dorwin Ardell Joseph Sr. of Gramercy and the brother of D-Ondre and Dorian.

“We wish him the best of luck this summer as he competes for the national title,” said Yvonne Thomas, director. “He is a very talented young man, has alot of determination and is always ready to work. His star has only begun torise.

” Joseph won the hearts of everyone at the Centroplex in Baton Rouge. Bythe end of the competition day everyone knew his name.”Back to Top

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