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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 24, 1999


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L’Observateur / March 24, 1999

Area needs tourism

The designation of the old Edgard Railroad Depot as a state-recognized “Endangered Historic Site” may finally open the door to establishing a local tourism information center.

Originally, a site was planned near Interstate Highways 10 and 55, where an Acadian cottage would be relocated to greet visitors. Now, with theacquisition by the parish of the Edgard Depot and the possible income from a state grant for restoration and reconstruction of the fragile structure, that idea for a tourism information center for St. John the Baptist Parishtook a giant leap forward.

Louisiana’s 10 most-endangered list of historic sites includes a variety of significant historic and cultural sites of interest. However, each of theRiver Parishes could easily develop a 10-most-endangered list on a local basis.

Historical tourism is a natural industry for the River Parishes, environmentally safe and economically strong. It provides jobs, securityand a positive image for this region.

Long known as “Cancer Alley,” this push for historic preservation is a positive educational asset and a money-making tool which would benefit all our residents and improve our image.

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