Sweet pageant winners announced

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 20, 1999

L’Observateur / March 20, 1999

RESERVE – Mandy Schexnaydre of Destrehan was crowned the first Miss Sweet during a pageant March 7 at St. John Theatre in Reserve.Schexnaydre, the 15-year-old daughter of Bruce and Sally Schexnaydre, is a sophomore at Destrehan High School, where she is class president, a lieutenant for the Desty Darlings dance team and a member of the Beta Club.

Lindsay Tamplain was first runner-up. Amber Waguespack was secondrunner-up and won the fashion award. Amanda Miano was third runner-up,and Jade Hay won the photogenic award.

Sweet pageants for children also were held. Winners are:Baby master: Patrick Ratliff, king, photogenic, prettiest hair and prettiest smile; Tyler Menefee, first runner-up; Caleb Jacob, second runner-up and prettiest eyes; and Jayden Mollere, third runner-up and fashion.

Baby sweet: Megan Spencer, queen and fashion; Mikah Hopkins, first runner-up and prettiest smile; Sarah Sutton, second runner-up; Alissa Guidry, third runner-up; Kaylyn Montz, prettiest eyes, and Kassidy Duhe, most photogenic.

Tiny master: Tate Roussel, king and most photogenic; Alexander St.

Martin, first runner-up and fashion; Lane Cavalier, second runner-up and prettiest hair; and Hunter Waldridge, third runner-up and prettiest smile and eyes.

Tiny Miss: Leslie Curtis, queen and most photogenic; Alexis Shiret, first runner-up; Skye Deroche, second runner-up and prettiest smile; Cierra Bradley, third runner-up and prettiest eyes; Paige Spadoni, prettiest hair; and Mikala Dusang, fashion.

Precious sweet: Saige Brady, queen and most photogenic; Sydnie Louque, first runner-up and prettiest hair; Gabrielle St. Martin, second runner-upand prettiest smile; Kaitlyn Gentry, third runner-up and prettiest eyes; and Angelle Lozano, fashion award.

Petite sweet: Shelby Thompson, queen and prettiest hair; Sarah Broekhoven, first runner-up and most photogenic; Terrian Gauff, second runner-up; Theresa Nassar, third runner-up; Danaye Brignac, prettiest smile; Brooklyn Bossier, prettiest eyes; and Amber Walker, fashion.

Lil Miss: Ariel Amedee, queen; Paige St. Pierre, first runner-up andprettiest eyes; Ma Que Hollins, second runner-up and prettiest smile; Victoria Stein, third runner-up, most photogenic and fashion; and Brianne Bourgeois, prettiest hair.

Deb Miss: Nikki Sebring, queen and prettiest eyes; Shelbi Martin, first runner-up and most photogenic; Megan LeBlanc, second runner-up and fashion; Brooke Cancienne, third runner-up and prettiest smile; and Sarah Clement, prettiest hair.

Junior Miss: Jennifer Sebring, queen and prettiest hair; Courtney Simon, first runner-up and prettiest eyes; Rachel Nicholson, second runner-up and fashion; Bridget Boe, third runner-up and most photogenic; and Sarah Norris, prettiest smile.

The Miss Sweet and children’s pageants were sponsored by the St. JohnSugar Queen Pageant Committee and St. John Theatre. Proceeds willbenefit the St. John Sugar Queen Pageant, to be held Aug. 14 at St. JohnTheatre.Back to Top

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